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£10 | Guaranteed | PASSpORT PHOTOS

Halo Photography digital passport photos service adheres to the latest National Passport Portrait Guidelines. Be confident with our money back guarantee or we’ll retake your passport photo or visa for free, if your pictures are rejected for any breach of these guidelines.

Halo Photography can produce ID photos to any specification for bus passes, driving licences etc. We also have experience at producing international passport photos. International visa photos for any nationality. Including American, Canadian, India, China, Philippines & United Arab Emirates.


Toddler & Baby Passport Photos

Halo Photography specialise in child and baby passport photos that can be extremely difficult in passport photo booths. As portrait photographers we have lots of techniques for getting a perfect toddler passport photos. Your passport photos are taken by an experianced photographer in the comfort of a private photographic studio.

Digital Passport Photo Codes & Prints

Digital Passport Photo Codes

We can also provide new digital passport photos for online applications.  Digital passport application photos still require no shadows on the background, which is almost impossible without professional lights. A digital file or a photo code for online passport renewals can be quickly emailed to you, in minutes at no extra cost. Simply copy & paste your unique code into your application. Save money & time on your passport submission.

We can also provide digital photo codes for the follow

United Kindom Digital Photo Codes

  • Passport
  • Blue Badge
  • Firearms / Shotgun Licence
  • ID Card
  • Oyster Photocard
  • Railcard
  • Visa
  • Voter Authority Certifcate

Republic of Ireland Digital Photo Codes

  • Passport

United States Digital Photo Codes

  • Passport
  • Visa

India Digital Photo Codes

  • Passport
  • e-Visa
  • Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

Pakistan Digital Photo Codes

  • Passport

HONG KONG Digital Photo Codes

  • e-Passport
  • e-Visa

Malaysia Digital Photo Codes

  • e-Visa

£10 for a guaranteed ID or Passport Photo Service including New Digital Online Renewals

An appointment is needed at our studio in Bebside, Blyth, Northumberland, 20 mins from Newcastle. Your passport photos can be previewed immediately. You won’t be stuck with an embarrassing passport picture for 10 years and we can have them printed in minutes, while you wait.

Why waste money on cheap passport photo booths only to have them retaken, again and again because they don’t match tight passport size photo specifications? Let Halo Photography get your photograph right first time for you.

Halo Photography charge £10 for a guaranteed Passport, Visa & ID Photo service so call 01670 820081 to book your appointment or messenger widget at the bottom of each page.

Quick, Hassle-free Digital Passport Photo

ID, Visa & Passport Photo FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

Regardless of whether you need Prints, Digital Photo Codes or Custom International Visa’s we charge £10 for the service.

In the UK you can now apply for your passport renewal online. Online passport renewals are currently cheaper.

We can take your passport photo and send you an email. In this email is a code you can copy & paste into your application and the passport office retreive your image.

It takes about 5 mins for a Digital Photo Code and about 10 mins if you want passport prints while you wait.

When a passport photo is cropped correctly you don’t see much of your clothes, however we ask you wear a solid coloured top. Avoid white.

We will also ask you to remove your glasses in most cases.

We will produce your passport image to the exact specifications required by whichever country or orgainisation. However some of the specifications are objective. The background shade in certain light for example.

Regardless of the issue we will redo your photograph, free of charge based on feedback.

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