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Update 01/02/22

Bebside Train Station


We are excited that our quiet little part of the world is going to get a lot busier. Our access road, Errington Street will become the enterance to the new Bebside Train Station. As part of the Northumberland Line Rail Project it will join Stations at Ashington, Bedlington Station, Newsham & Seaton Deleval to merge with the excisting network at Northumberland Park.

Although major work isn’t expected to start until Late Summer/Autumn, we expect there to be alot of surveying in the lane this spring. Please take care as you drive up Errington Street as the road has been neglected during lock down and is clinging on for the new access road. Please watch for pot holes.

We are 100% in favour of the new Bebside Train Station but it will mean disruption around the Halo Photography Studio and will update this page as we get more information.

Northumberland Line Rail Project
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