Covid-19 Secure at Halo Photography

We hope you are all safe and well.  We have risk assessed all of our services and are confident we can comply with goverment’s guidence to re-opening our photography studio. Our first priority is to keep our customers and families safe. To do so, we have made changes to some of our services, however, we are unable to provide our full range of services until social distancing rules are relaxed.

Below is a list of our sessions and any changes to the service we provide

We are available for wedding consultation & planning appointments.

We will ask you if you can use our website and wedding blog to look at examples of our work. We are unable to let you handle example wedding albums but will demonstrate them for you.

We will be unable to offer refreshments during the session.

Once venues are allowed to hold weddings we will be available.

Deposits already paid for wedding photography, which have had to be rescheduled, will be transferred to the new dates as long as we are available.

We are able to photograph single household families of up to 6 people. Sadly we can’t photograph families/groups from different households.

While you’re at the studio we will verbally instruct you and obviously be far less hands on. We won’t be able to assist you holding children, adjusting your wardrobe or hair.

We will be unable to offer refreshments during sessions.

We are planning to offer 2 different approaches to our newborn sessions.

The first will primarily use parent’s hands to help pose and support the baby.

The second will involve us wearing full PPE when handling and posing your baby.

We may not be able to incorporate young siblings into the session without parents being involved as well.

We will be unable to offer refreshments during sessions.

Grandparents, and other family members not living in your household, will be unable to attend.

Parents will be more involved and will be instructed verbally regards posing children.

Certain poses & props will be unavailable.

Grandparents, and other family members not living in your household, will be unable to attend.

Unfortunately, until social distancing rules regarding mixed households are relaxed, we cannot hold parties at the studio.

We are accepting future bookings without a deposit.

We are able to offer our full Passport Service but by appointment only. Sadly, we cannot accept walk in clients.

Our portraits of school age children will generally be unaffected except with the inclusion of younger, none school age siblings.

Customers will be encouraged to view their photographs and order online.

We can attend any event or location which follows social distancing guidelines.

Each commission will be judged on an individual basis.

Steps Halo Photography have taken to work safer together

We have risk assessed each service we provide.
We have cleaning, handwashing & hygiene procedures in line with guidance. All customers will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry to the studio.
We have taken all reasonable steps to help our staff work from home.
We have taken all reasonable steps to help maintain a 2m distance in the workplace.
Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everthing practical to manage transmission risk.
We have removed our reception toys for children.
We have reduced appointments and allocated cleaning periods between appointments, ensuring only one household attends the studio at a time. In order to assist with this, please ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment.
We are not accepting cash. All payment can be made by Card, Bank  Transfer or Paypal.
We will only be using props that can be cleaned between sessions.
We will be only attending the studio for appointments and will not be keeping to our regular hours. Please do not attend the studio without a confirmed appointment.
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