Newborn Photo Shoots by Halo Photography

Halo Photography offer something extra special for a Newborn Photo Shoot at our studio in Bebside, Blyth, Northumberland. Only 20 mins from Newcastle. We like to keep our Newborn Photography as pure & simple as possible while they are 1 – 2 weeks old. At this age we can pose them in different ways that will be lost as they get stronger.

You have a new bundle of joy, your world is turned upside down and life will never be the same. In the first few weeks you have to learn to look after a new baby, let family and friends visit as well as look after yourself and other children if you have them with little or no sleep. Why on earth would you want photos taken as well?

It may not feel like it at the time but it is the most precious moments in your life. Your newborn baby will change so much in just a few weeks and as those weeks turn into months & years you can hardly imagine they were that small.

Pure & Simple Newborn Photography

We normally ask that you book your Newborn Photography during pregnancy so that we can find you a session in this small window. Life doesn’t always go to plan so don’t worry, we understand and will do our best to reschedule if baby is late coming into the world or not well during this time. These sessions are 2 hrs long so if baby needs a feed or gets upset at any point we have plenty time. This is also the reason we like to aim for a week day time slot. Saturdays are our busiest, so not ideal for the calm, quiet and peaceful environment needed for newborns.

Choose from our starter packages and click on “BUY & Book” to check our availability.

Newborn Photo Shoot 99 HaloPhotography

Newborn Photo 1

£ 99
  • 2 hr Studio Photo Shoot
  • 60 min private viewing
  • 10 Digital Files
  • Additional Products Available to Purchase

Newborn Photo 2

£ 149
  • 2 hr Studio Photo Shoot
  • 60 min private viewing
  • 16"x20" Wall Print
  • Two 10"x8 & Two 7"x5" Prints Additionals available

Newborn Photo 3

£ 249
  • 2 hr Studio Photo Shoot
  • 60 min private viewing
  • Ten 9"x6" Prints + 10 Digital Files
  • Presention Photobox + USB
  • Additional Products Available
Most Popular

Newborn Photo 4

£ 449
  • 2 hr Studio Photo Shoot
  • 60 min private viewing
  • 30"x20" Birch Block
  • 25 Digital Files
  • Additional Products Available

All products in these packages can be altered, at the time of ordering, to their value. Additional Products can also be purchased at your viewing session. Check out our price list to see all of our products.

Newborn Photography FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

Its best to book your session during pregnancy. If your babies arrival doesn’t go to plan we will always do our best to reschedule.

If the idea to have a photo shoot is a last minute thought, don’t be afraid to see what availability we have.

Booking with Halo Photography is simple. Choose a starter package above and click on Buy & Book. You will be able to see all of our availability. Choose a date and time and pay for your package online.

We’ll then email you a confirmation with loads of tips to making the session go smoothy.

If you have any questions about our newborn photo shoot, give us a call on 01670820081 so we can talk you through the experience.

Our Newborn Photo Shoots now start from as little as £99. We have a selection of starter packages above but you can alter the contents of the packages upto their value once you view your images.

You can also add to your purchase at any point but there is no obligation to do so from our  Studio Price Guide.

We have no sales staff or hard sell tactics. You are in complete control of your budget. We will present your images to you… simply tell us how you’d like to remember this special time.

If you’d like to have some photos of your newborn with their siblings then let us know and bring help. We know your super parents but its hard to focus on a newborn & toddlers or young child at the same time.

Be warned these sessions can be challenging. New brothers & sisters don’t always see a new baby as a welcome addition to the family.

As new parents you might not feel you look your best during these sleepless times but we always encourage you to have some family photos too, but don’t worry if you want to stay firmly behind the camera.

However, we strongly recommend that you restrict the photos to yourselves & siblings. Extended family sessions are noisy and energetic which newborns struggle with.

Newborn Sessions are a little easier if your baby is sleepy and well fed but we don’t go out of our way to tell you what to do in this regard. Babies have minds of their own and generally do the complete opposite of what you expect.  If your little one gets hungry we have time for them to have a top up as well as a cuppa for you.

After the session we will invite you back to view your images on a different day and at that point you can choose your products. Images can be ready to view the next working day if both our schedules allow.

Your baby changes quickly. They get stronger and more alert every day. After 2 weeks most babies are unable to do newborn poses but that doesn’t mean we can’t do other cool images. Halo Photography have the experiance and training to get the best from babies of any age.

We embrace older babies (+4 months) in our Family Photo Shoots that don’t need a 2 hrs session for feeding etc.

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