Newton Hall Beach Wedding

This was a wedding of firsts for Halo Photography. Our first visit to Newton Hall and our first UK beach wedding at Beadnell Bay. Northumberland has some of the best beaches in the country, unfortunately, we just don’t get the weather or temperatures to make the most of them. Lisa and I had worked for Fran & Phil on past commercial projects. They both work in marketing for multi-national firms and we were honoured to be asked to document their wedding.

They are both very professional at work but we got the impression after our consultation meeting with Fran that planning would not take priority over a very laid back and relaxed day. The plan from the outset was to set off from the hall and have a blessing in Beadnell Bay, just a short campervan ride away. We kept all of our fingers & toes crosses for them leading up to the day and hoped the weather held for them.

Newton Hall, Northumberland

Newton Hall is a quirky venue with a great team of staff to make everything go smoothly. It’s shabby chic interior is complimented with loads of focal points outside. As a photographer, you are spoilt for shooting locations There are loads of different areas to use. It was almost a shame to go to the beach. Lisa and I were like 2 kids in a candy shop.

Newton Hall interiors, Northumberland

The Courtyard Rooms at Newton Hall

The courtyard rooms at Newton Hall were Fran’s boudoir, with her mum as head bridesmaid along with her daughter and Phil’s two girls. These cottages are surrounded by views of cornfields and inside they are the epitome of snug.

Bouquets in the window of The Courtyard Cottage at Newton Hall, Northumberland
Bridal Party Accessories
Hair stylist doing bridesmaids Hair
Bride watching bridesmaid get her brushed
Bride & her mum orginising the buttonhole flowers
Bride getting her her styled at Newton Hall, Northumberland
Bridesmaids giggling on a bed
Bridesmaid reading in the window of Newton Hall, Northumberland
Wedding Dress at Newton Hall, Northumberland

The Boys Arrive

Phil was to be escorted by Fran’s older brothers & her son so there was no escaping. The grooms best friend had travelled all the way from the states to conduct the blessing. Normally, I have to get involved putting button-holes in and fastening ties but the halls staff had it all in hand which as refreshing. All that was needed was to jump into the campervans for a short trip to the beach as the sun dived in and out of the clouds.

Brides Son on the steps of Newton Hall, Northumberland
Newton Hall staff helping grooms man get ready
Grooms men with their VW Campervan at Beadnell Bay in Northumberland

Beadnell Bay

The Newton Hall staff explained that this was one of the first blessings on the beach they had orgainised and everything looked perfect. Straw bails for seats and sand raked. I nearly stood in the sand design a few times but everyone managed to keep it, intact until Fran arrived. All the lads chipped in making sure the less able-bodied family members & friends could make it to the beach, through the dunes. The sky was constantly changing. One minute we had blue skies the next, cloudy, but no one was complaining. A steady breeze wasn’t going to scupper this beach wedding.

Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Guests arriving at Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Guests finding straw bail seats on Beadnell Bay in Northumberland

This was the first wedding I’d been to when the shoes came off before the service. It was also the first with spectators playing on the beach with their windbreakers up in the background. A lot of the guest were from different parts of the country as well as around the world. All got time to enjoy our wonderful coastline.

Guests with their shoes off on Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Grooms men walking onto Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Brides brothers on Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
The groom posing on Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Wedding Rings
Newton Hall Beach Wedding

Back to Newton Hall

After enjoying the beach, everyone got ferried back to the hall for drinks & nibble before we rounded everyone up for a group shot outside of the hall. We had researched Newton Hall before the wedding and Fran had her heart set on a big group shot on the staircase in front of the main building which she had seen on their promotional material. We had to, unfortunately, change the angle slightly as when we scouted a month or so before, we discovered the spot we would need to shoot from was now blocked by a huge bush that no heght of ladders would have over come. Fran was delighted in the results.

So the meal and speeches are done, Tears & laugher had. Lisa & I had our break Outside the sun was starting to reach that sweet spot in the sunset. The grounds looked beautiful and we were raring to go. Could we find the bride & groom? Of course, we couldn’t. Our laid back, relaxed couple just caught the end of the sunset and we were so pleased.

Sunset at Newton Hall

Party Time kicked off with a surprise round of the Hokey Cokey for the first dance! Followed up with a great band and Phils brother who does a great comedy song routine. The night was so much fun, with everyone joining in. 

We hope you like this small selection of photographs taken at the wedding.

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