Confetti canons at Doxford Hall

Our second wedding of the year had been looked forward too. Doxford Hall is a beautiful location with fabulous grounds. Lisa & I knew the venue well in all weathers. Kerry & Michael were going to experience just about every type of weather on their wedding day. So as we drove up the A1 that morning, through sleet and high winds, it was reassuring to know that Doxford had a great interior. We were going to use it to the full today. We were determined that the weather wasn’t going to stop Kerry & Michael from having an amazing day, and remembered with great wedding photography.

Doxford Hall covered in snow
Melting snow on hedges at Doxford Hall

Lisa and I had been ill for over a week and for me, I felt worst that day. So I was popping pills and guzzling energy drinks to get on a good footing. Being self-employed and working for clients on the most important days of their lives means that you can’t let them down. You can’t call in sick to anyone you just have to get on with the job. My morning got even better when scouting out Doxford Halls grounds, I managed to step on a loose paving stone that dropped me into a puddle soaking my foot in ice-cold water. We weren’t going to be able to take our bride & groom far in these conditions.

Warm & Cosy inside Doxford Hall

While I was trying to avoid getting hypothermia outside, Lisa was enjoying the warmth of a suite inside Doxford Hall. Kerry, her mother and daughter were enjoying their wedding preparations. The champagne was flowing and the girls we’re loving being pampered. Kerry’s mum couldn’t contain her pride.

Chapagne on ice in front of the grounds of a snow covered Doxford Hall
Bride having her hair done at Doxford Hall
Brides mother opening a champagne bottle
Open Champagne Bottle with brides reflection in the background
Bridesmaid having her make up applied at Doxford Hall

Michael and his best man got ready in a far more modest room. I remember them being extremely proud of the cufflinks that Kerry had given both of them. Michael had a familiar bond with his best man. A mix of Micky takes and respect. I believe Michael had been his best man and had taken his duties of embarrassing the groom to the extreme. His best man had cunning plans to return the favour today.

Groom getting ready and putting his chufflinks on
Groom fastening his shoes
Michael helped to get his wedding jacket on
The Bestman checking the groom looks his best at Doxford Hall
The Wedding Rings on a book
Michael Posing in the Library at Doxford Hall
Groom & Bestman relaxing in the Library at Doxford Hall
Groom & Bestman messing about in the Library at Doxford Hall
Michael checking his jacket
The detail of Kerrys Wedding Dress
Brides girls on the bed in their room
Bride looking in the mirror at Doxford Hall
Brides mum seeing her for the first time
Wedding Bouquet
Bridesmaid posing at window in Doxford Hall
Bridesmaid posing
Brides bouquet in her hands

A Break in the Weather

The registrars arrived and brought with them a small break in the clouds. It let us venture outside after they took their information. Upstairs the winter sun lit 3 generations of the family beautifully. Downstairs, friends and family gathered in Doxford Hall’s Service room. Kerry was radiant as she and her daughter walked hand in hand down the aisle.

Michael and his best man talking to registrars
Michael and his best man at the enterance to Doxford Hall
Bestman showing the groom Doxford Halls grounds
Bride, Mum & Daughter sitting in a double chaise lounge
Groom & Bestman chatting before the wedding
Michael waiting for Kerry in the wedding service
Bride & her daughter entering the service room
Kerry & her daughter walking down the isle
Kerry & Michael getting married at Doxford Hall
Close up of a button hole
Bride & Groom looking at each other during the wedding service
The brides bouquet in focus with the couple behind
Groom placing a ring on his brides finger
Bride & Grooms laughing during the wedding service at Doxford Hall
Bride & Grooms kiss during the wedding service at Doxford Hall
Bride & Groom signing the register at Doxford Hall
Bride & Grooms hands & rings on the wedding register
Guest watching the wedding service at Doxford Hall
Kerry & Michael laughing after signing the register at Doxford Hall in Northumberland
Signing the register with witnesses
Bride and groom holding hands during wedding service
Michael & Kerry walking down the aisle at Doxford Hall
Glasses of Prosecco at Doxford Hall
Drinks at Doxford Hall

The Grounds Keepers Bad Books

We continued to take advantage of the dry spell for a group shot outside the hall but it was still chillingly cold. Kerry & Michael are seasoned walkers so they were willing to brave the elements. Their guests weren’t so hardy, nor had they brought their hiking boots. They would have been useful in the slippy slush.

I, of course, had to camp in the flower bed to get the group as my ladders would have been unsafe. Then the guests pulled out some unplanned confetti canons! Leaving footprints in the flower bed I could feel the curses of the groundskeeper being whispered as a storm of confetti swept across the grounds. We pressed our luck for some images with Michael’s sister, then retreated to the cover of the hotel.

Group shoot outside Doxford Hall
Group shoot outside Doxford Hall
Confetti canons at Doxford Hall
Confetti in the wind of Doxford Hall
Confetti on the steps of Doxford Hall
Groom and his sister with photo bombers behind
Groom getting a kiss from his sister

Doxford Hall Library

We love Doxford Hall’s Library. The colours are fantastic and even on a dull day, the ceiling lantern floods it with light. It’s only one of Doxford’s interiors that help on days like these. All that’s needed is some furniture rearranging.

Bride & Groom with family in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
The bride and her girls in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
Bride & Groom relaxing in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
Kerry standing against the bookcase in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
The bride posing in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
Bride & Groom in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
Kerry & Michael in the Libary Room, Doxford Hall
Grooms hands in the shape of a heart
Bride & Groom reflected in the staircase mirror at Doxford Hall

In the Northumberland Room with a Stinky Kipper.

The Northumberland room made a perfect venue for Michael & Kerry’s Wedding Breakfast. Intimate and warm for a winter meal. As mentioned, Michael’s Best man was out for revenge for an undisclosed event at his wedding. So he used his speech to tell of a kipper placed on the engine block of Micheals car, his pride & joy. His best man was going to keep the unique tool needed to retrieve it, for a while. Long enough to let the smell circulate around the interior at least.

Table centres in the Northumberland Room at Doxford Hall
The Northumberland Room at Doxford Hall
Wine glasses and place names
Sign a Heart tokens at doxford hall
wedding Cake with rose icing
close up of a wedding Cake with rose icing
Kerry & Michael cutting thei cake at Doxford Hall
Michael & Kerry entering their wedding breakfast at Doxford Hall
Toasting the bride at Doxford Hall
Grooms speech at Doxford Hall
Guest enjoying speach at Doxford Hall
Groom hiding in his hands during bestmans speech
Guests enjoying speeches
Bestman reading from the Marriage Manual
Bride & Groom reacting to bestmans speech
Bestman speech kit

An Evening Stroll

After the snow, ice, mist, wind & rain throughout the day, blue skies had the cheek to materialise just before we lost the light. So we abducted Kerry & Michael to make use of the grounds a little. The paths were still slippy and it was quickly dropping below freezing again. Our beautiful couple soldiered on though with only cuddles from her new husband to keep her warm.

Michael & Kerry hugging on the steps outside of Doxford Hall in Northumberland
Michael & Kerry on the steps outside of Doxford Hall in Northumberland
Michael & Kerry hugging outside of Doxford Hall in Northumberland
Bride & groom seen kissing through terrace
The bride & groom on the outdoor terrace at Doxford Hall
The bride on the outdoor terrace at Doxford Hall
Kerry posing at Doxford Hall

An Evening in Doxford Hall’s Kennedy Suite

That evening, Kerry & Michael were joined by their entire walking club. They spent the night dancing to their fabulous band with a second round of speeches. We left them to enjoy their company after the first dance. Halo Photography wish them both a wonderful life together and hope to see them again soon.

Bride & Groom entering The Kennedy Suite at Doxford Hall
The night time guests join the party
The bride & grooms first dance, watched by all their guests at Doxford Hall
Bride & Groom dancing
The bride & groom dancing with guests at Doxford Hall
The Aaron Bailey Band at Doxford Hall
The lead singer of The Aaron Bailey Band at Doxford Hall
The Groom & Bestman Dancing at Doxford Hall

Here are some of Kerry & Michael’s suppliers that made their wedding day unique

Wedding Photography – Halo Photography

Venue – Doxford Hall

Bridesmaids Dresses- House of Fraser

Flowers & Button Holes – Julie’s at Alnwick

Grooms & Grooms men’s suits – Walton’s in Newcastle

Cake Supplier – Cakes by Kimberley

Makeup by: Chelsea MUA

Band – The Aaron Bayley Band

We hope you like this small selection of photographs taken at the wedding.

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