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Halo Photography Studio

3 Errington Street, Bebside, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 4HP

01670 820081





Cake Smash Photo Shoot

So… It’s your 1st Birthday and you wanna get messy! Come to Halo Photography for a Cake Smash Photo Shoot, celebrate in style and have great memories to look back on. Buy one of our pre-paid photo shoots with 3 great options to choose from. Sessions start from only £19.  All you have to do is provide the cake and bring plenty of wipes. They also make fantastic gifts for a first birthday present.

1st Birthday Photo Shoot includes

Only £39

Cake Smash Photo Shoot + 16x16 9 Image Montage

Only £59

Everything You Should Know About Smashing Cakes

Our cakes smash photo shoots start with some photographs in their favourite outfit before they dive in. We get some great portraits to mark their the first milestones. They might be crawling or even walking so we capture their stage of development with their glad rags on. Bring you're one-year old’s favourite toys or birthdays cards to help mark the day. Then its time to get messy. We don't supply the cake in case of allergies but can give you loads of advice as to what works well.

You can never predict how a little one will react with a cake in front of them. Sometimes they dive in head first and other times we get messier then them! After the hopeful devastation, we have bathing facilities for the little so bring a towel and avoid planning to go anywhere afterwards. We hope you don't mind picking icing out of your hair! Afterwards, we will organise for you to view your photographs on a different day in the comfort of our viewing room.  

Feel free to call 01670820081 to check availability if you want the cake smash photo shoot on their birthday before purchasing your session or to ask any questions.